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The Year-Round Growth Program

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The Year-Round Growth Program

Now more than ever, Lions need resources and promotional programs to stimulate membership growth. Lions need to be proud to share their club with prospective members. They should be encouraged to invite people to become Lions.

To help with the invitation process, Lions Clubs International has several membership growth programs available, including the Year Round Growth Program.

The Year-Round Growth Program consists of two parts- the awards section and the membership growth strategies section.

Our awards section' offers awards for individuals who sponsor new members and for clubs, districts and multiple districts that meet membership growth criteria. We strive to recognize Lions and their clubs promptly.

Our membership growth strategies section provides tools, resources and strategies to aid members and clubs with inviting members. You will find many membership growth strategies (such as the Recruiting Wheel, Club Sponsor Night, and 30 Marketing Ideas) on the Lions Clubs International Web site ( You will also find mention of these resources on page 2 of this ?yer.

The Year Round Growth Program: Awards

Certi?cate of Sponsorship:
Every Lion that sponsors a new member is eligible to receive a Certificate of Sponsorship from the international president. (The sponsorship certificate is included along with the New Member Certificate in the New Member Kits, which can be ordered at no charge from the Club Supplies Department. We encourage each club to present both the sponsorship and new member certificates at the new member induction ceremony.)

Membership Excellence Lapel Pin:
Lions who sponsor three (3) or more members during a given fiscal year will receive the Year-Round Growth Membership Excellence Lapel Pin. Pins will automatically be sent to club secretaries for distribution to qualifying members following the close of the fiscal year.

Membership Excellence Banner Patch:
Clubs that bring in the required number of members in their category will receive a Year-Round Growth Membership Excellence Banner Patch acknowledging a club's efforts in strengthening membership during a given fiscal year. Banner patches will automatically be sent to club secretaries following the close of the fiscal year.

The club categories, and the required number of new members for the category, are:
Clubs with 21 or fewer members: bring in 3 or more new members
Clubs with 22 to 40 members: bring in S or more new members
Clubs with 41 or more members: bring in 8 or more new members

Year Round Growth Constitutional Award: The International Clock

Twenty-one Lions from around the world (3 from each of the seven constitutional areas) will be awarded at year's end with the Year Round Growth Constitutional Award International Clock. Individual Lions will receive this award if both they and their club meet the club qualification and individual nomination criteria described below.

Club Quali?cation
In order to be considered for the International Clock, the individual Lion's club has to qualify to receive the award. A qualifying club is one that is in top three in its constitutional area in terms of positive net gain. (Note that positive net growth is weighed against club size as follows to ensure that clubs of similar size are competing only against each other.)

The club categories are:
Clubs with 21 or fewer members
Clubs with 22 to 40 members
Clubs with 41 or more members

Club secretaries will be notified via e-mail that their club has qualified for the constitutional award.

Individual Nomination
After a club qualifies for the award, the qualifying club's secretary must nominate an individual Lion to receive the award. Lions Clubs International encourages the secretary to nominate a non-officer Lion in his or her club who has made the most significant contribution to membership growth. The International Clock will be engraved with the Lion's name and will be sent to the club secretary for presentation.

The Year Round Growth Program: Membership Growth Strategies

Every club should have a strategy for membership growth and an action plan in order to achieve growth. As a growth strategy, your club can decide to use concepts, such as the Recruiting Wheel, Target Marketing, or Club Sponsor Night. You could choose from the varied marketing tasks listed in the publication 30 Marketing Ideas, or you could decide to participate in the October Membership Growth Award Program.

Information on each of these concepts can be found on the Lions Clubs International Web site ( (Insider Tip: To find a particular concept or publication on the Web site, use the search box located in the top right hand corner of every Web page. Type in the name of the concept or publication into the search field and click search.) You may also wish to contact the Membership Operations Department at or at (630) 468-6857 for more information.

Awards will be issued only to clubs listed in good standing at the close of the ?scal year, June 30. For the most up to date award information and criteria, visit the LCI Web site, Year Round Growth section, by typing "Year Round Growth Award Program" into the search field at the right hand corner of each Web page or contact the Membership Operations Department at

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