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Start Planning your Legacy Project Today

Choose from the project ideas below or create your own to address specific needs in your community

Level 1: Raise Your Community Visibility



  • Post new Lions signs
  • Donate a park bench
  • Dedicate a statue
  • Sponsor a fountain in a local park
Start Planning your Lagency Project Image

Level 2: Promote Your Legacy Project



  • Provide a Community Gift
  • Refurbish a park or playground
  • Build a footbridge over a busy road
  • Fund resources for the visually impaired
  • Donate a vehicle to a community
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Level 3: Make a Community Impact



All Legacy Projects should be Identified with a sign or plaque indicating the project was donated by your Lions club Choose your project and start building your Lion Legacy today! Visit to learn more.

  • Build a clinic
  • Expand a library or school
  • Develop a training center
  • Equip an area hospital
Start Planning your Lagency Project Image

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