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International Headquarters


The Headquarters of the Lions Clubs International is housed in an impressive modern building owned by the Association, in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA, a rapidly growing metropolis.

The Lions Clubs International building is a living symbol of our organization, it is situated on a nine and half acre plot owned by Lions Clubs Intentional. This appropriately affords generous spaces for future expansion of operations for the world's largest and fastest growing service Organization in most comfortable surroundings.

The international Headquarters is an impressive advertisement for Lions Clubs International. It is be ehive of activity, forming the heart of the worldwide Lions movement. Visiting Lions are amazed at the variety and number of operations required to serve our Clubs and members of this far-flug organization. A visiting Lion arriving at the reception center on the ground floor is first asked to register and then guide takes him around the building. Guides are available to speak any of the official languages of Lionism.

The international office is the main source of information of the world of Lionsim. It's staff is highly trained in all areas of programming and problem solving. A call or letter to the International Office will bring the results needed to help you, sort out any problem your club may have or receive correct information on subject relevant to Lionism. Whenever you write a letter, or make a call, please make surer you address / ask for the right person and always be specific. Do not include items relating the more than on Department in the same letter.



  • The Office may be contacted directly through any ISTD exchange station in India.
  • To get a Oak Brook Office, Dial 001 (Which is the code for USA) following by 630-571-5466.



300 W 22nd Street Oak Brook
Illinois 605-8842, USA


(630) 571-5466

Office Hours:

8.00 am to 4.30 pm
USA Central Time


(630) 571-8890



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